The coal additive We manufacture at Achintya Gamut Organic (P) Limited, is basically aimed for efficient coal combustion. Our Coal Additive Is Available With Trade Name, “SUPERTHERM K2R".This World Class Product is used to increase coal energy Efficiency With Very Economical Price.


An Ultimate Energy Solution

ACHINTYA GAMUT ORGANIC (P) LIMITED brings a unique solution to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability through continuous research and development of new products called Supertherm K2R.

  • It has been recognized in Power, Steel, Cement, Textile, Pulp & Paper mills and other sectors using coal as fuel.
  • This innovative product is developed by our skilled R&D personnel in research collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.


  • Reduce 10-15% coal consumption
  • Lowers carbon Emissions
  • Reduce Direct and Indirect expenses
  • Gets High Coal Combustion Efficiency
  • Reduces Trace Metals In Fly Ash.

our customers

In last few years after inception we have been serving these industries across the states and categories ranging from Steel, Power, Cement, Textile, Ceramics, Tire Ind., Distilleries, Rolling Mills and Pharmaceuticals etc.