Facts about SUPERTHERM K2R

  • Thermal output increases by 10-15 %.
  • Reduction in coal consumption by 10-15 %.
  • Reduces emission of CO2 by more than 9%.
  • Will helps the Country towards more coal reserves.

  • Reduces emission of highly polluting gases such as : NOx by 5-9 %.
  • Reduces environmental pollution, photochemical smog and acid rain.

Economical :-

  • Saving in coal consumption around 10-15 %
  • Reduction in power/ energy consumption for substituted coal handling.
  • Reduction in transportation of coal.
  • Reduction in air pollutants thus.
  • Saving in operation and maintenance cost of pollution control equipments.
  • Increase life of costly bag filters
  • Reduction in fly ash generation thus relief from associated problems.

Safe in use:

  • Safer to equipment as well as to employees.
  • Non- hazardous substances
  • Material Safety Data Sheet is available.

No special modification is required:

  • No special arrangement for its feeding into the process needs modification.

Tested and certified by lIT Kanpur & Patent

  • Comprehensive study by Team of Experts.